Sarah Luoma and Kamari Potter Verbally Commit to the University of Tampa

DAYTONA BEACH — DME Sports Academy is proud to announce that Junior’s Sarah Luoma and Kamari Potter of our 17 Black team, have both verbally committed to the University of Tampa.

If you know these young women, you’d understand that this was no coincidence. Both athletes have demonstrated a high level of maturity, true leadership, and a consistent display of hard work to reach their fullest potential. Earlier this year, Sarah made the AVCA Phenom List, the JVA watch list, and was placed on the all area first team. Sarah was also the most outstanding player for the New Smyrna Beach High School team, which finished in the Regional Championship.

At Mainland High School, Kamari was named offensive player of the year, and lead her team in the most kills and blocks. This year, Kamari was also placed on the JVA watch list. Academically, Kamari has made honor role this year.

These two best friends will not only have each other as they embark on a new journey, but they will have the support of a tightly knit community – their family, friends, teammates, and coaches. Here’s what they all had to say:

“We are super excited as parents, about Kamari’s commitment to the University of Tampa. We are also excited about her Improvement not only as a player but as a person! We would like to thank DME Sports Academy for providing her with a platform to improve and display her skills. As well as the great coaching staff that is helping to mold her into a great young lady! Great job DME we really appreciate all of your work and effort on our child’s behalf – thank you!”

 – Mr. And Mrs. Potter

“We have always been proud of Sarah’s volleyball accomplishments throughout the years and knew she would progress to the next level. We are most proud of how grounded she was, how she handled the stress, and how mature she was throughout this process. We are excited beyond words and over joyed at the opportunity to support and continue watching her grow as a Spartan at Tampa!”

 – Mr. and Mrs. Luoma

“On behalf of DME Sports Academy Volleyball staff we are super proud of Sarah Luoma and Kamari Potter and their decision to join the University of Tampa Spartans. One of the lessons we really try to teach is that hard work pays off and this is the case with these two truly talented individuals.”

– Dawn Moses, Director of Volleyball