DME Sports Academy Update Week 2


DME Student-Athletes who have committed to continue their academic and athletic career at the next level!


Our DME Volleyball program is proud to announce the addition of beach volleyball to our wide array and growing list of volleyball programs. We will be working side by side to transition Elite Beach Volleyball into the DME family in 2020. A true win-win for anyone looking to play ball in the sand!

Elite Beach was born on the beaches of Daytona Beach, Florida in 2009. For the past several years they have excelled in organizing, managing, and training junior athletes to excel in sand volleyball. Since inception Elite Beach has grown from a small footprint in Daytona Beach, starting with six courts, and now has the capacity to expand up to 16 courts for training, leagues and tournaments. For the latest updates, check our beach volleyball web page.

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DME Sports volleyball club director Dawn Moses is proud to announce our own in-house recreational volleyball league. “We have discovered that there is a demand for a program that provides great training for a great price but also works for players and parents not quite ready for a full club commitment,” says Director Moses. “Our rec program will feature our ‘best in the area’ club coaches as well as our club teaching and training philosophies, at a much lower price.” The league that began in March and was scheduled to end the last week of April, but we only had one week currently completed. We will pick this league up when we are able to and resume where we left off.


We do not have official word that all of the tournaments rescheduled for summer are canceled, however, we expect that to be the case.


The Mini-Club Season is geared towards young athletes who are looking to develop their fundamental volleyball skills, while being able to compete in 2-4 local tournaments. All of our mini club teams will participate in the United League which has a championship tournament in mid-October. Mini-club teams play other Florida volleyball clubs so that they can experience tournaments like competition. The goal is to put players on the path to play at more competitive levels when Spring season arrives, as well as develop their skills to assist them in making their school teams. Teams are formed by age groups and skill level. The players will practice times a week depending on the program they are placed on. Placements are currently scheduled for early August.

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Direct all questions to Coach Dawn at or 440-376-4514.


As you read from our previous newsletter, DME Sports Academy has closed the doors. Here are this weeks COVID-19 numbers: 

  • United States: 799,515
  • Florida: 25,996
  • Volusia: 331


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During these times when our coaches are not able to get out and see you, you can still make yourself seen! Simply fill out our application online and wait for us to reach out to you!

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Look out for more home workouts so you can stay in shape and ready during quarantine! Also look our for our #DMEHomeGrind Challenge where you can be entered to win a free JR. Hoopers Camp Spot once we open up!

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