DME Finishes 5-1 to ATL Combine

DME Post Grad and High School teams played ATL Combine Monday and Tuesday and finished off 5-1.

Starting off the series of games Monday afternoon, DME Post Grad White crushed ATL, 106-69, with Aiden Pashley finishing with 25 points, 4 rebounds, shooting 66 percent from the three-point line. Frank Kamgain had a triple-double of 22 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists.

DME Post Grad Blue came right behind PG White with a victory, 70-65, as Jeremiah Gilyard was a key contributor with 26 points, three rebounds, and three blocks.

DME Prep Orange set the tone for the next day with a win, 76-69, against ATL Wednesday afternoon. Quan Byrd had 26 points and Ralph Fabius finished with a double-double of 13 points, 12 rebounds, and two steals.

DME HS Regional could not hold on to ATL Combine, 64-57. Despite the loss, Rafael Martini led the team with 19 points, 10 rebounds, and three blocks.

Next game, PG White took back control and won, 111-55, against ATL. Camren Wynter carried the team with 30 points, eight rebounds, three assists, shooting 55.5 percent from the field.

To close out, DME Blue broke ATL down in a 92-65 win Wednesday evening. Tyrese Potoma finished with 27 points, two assists, two steals, and shot 50 percent from the three-point line.